Use Putty to connect to a Raspberry Pi


Putty is a very popular SSH connection application for Windows. Below is the Putty interface:


To Connect to you Raspberry Pi you would enter the Host Name (1) (either its name or its IP Address), the Port(2) (default for SSH is 22), make sure the Connection Type (3) is SSH and then once that is done click on theOpen button (4)

You will get a prompt to accept the Remote Server, click Yes

Putty Shell

Once you have done that, you will get the below Command Line Interface:


Now enter your Username (Pi by default) then your Password. When you type in your password you wont see anything, dont worry this is normal, press the Enter key once finished. If all has gone well you will get the below:


Congratulations, you are Remotely Connected onto your Raspberry Pi. Using SSH you can use the ServerHeadless, which basically means using it without a monitor.

Save your session

To save your connection, simply enter a name into the Saved Sessions field and click Save. This will then drop your session into the box below it. Then next time simply highlight and click the Load button (or double click on the Saved Session name)

Next time

I will be doing a follow up to this tutorial, in which I will describe how to use a SSH Key instead of a password to connect to your Raspberry Pi


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